Children of the Land

Time in a Bottle

No vessel has the potential to communicate so much about a specific time and place as a bottle of wine.  At Dovecote, our wine’s purpose is to capture and convey an authentic sense of its distinct location and seasonal story.

We craft wine as a way of celebrating our family’s collective experience by allowing our vineyard to slowly render every vintage’s unique monograph.  From the first buds of rebirth during misty spring mornings, to the slow and gentle ripening over balmy summer afternoons, to the anticipation of harvest during cool autumn nights, and finally the long exhale during winter’s rest.  We put our hearts into the land each year and are rewarded with nature’s most sincere time capsule.

We also believe there is uncommon beauty in Earth’s elusive tides and currents.  Our wines are all connected by their unwavering sense of place, yet each will always be true to its own first journey around the sun.