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We meticulously farm every vine and hand-craft each wine as a means of deepening our relationship with the land from which it originates.

We're grateful to share this special experience with others who seek a closer connection with nature’s most sincere time-capsule.

We are honored to invite you to join us.

Dovecote Wine Membership

We exclusively distribute our wines through membership which is limited to the small quantities of wine we produce annually.

Members receive 6 bottles twice a year (Spring & Fall) at an average of $270-$390 per allocation.

Wines can either be shipped direct or held for you at the estate for pickup during your next visit.

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Member Benefits

Complimentary Tastings

Reserve a visit for you and your guests to our Mission Pond to create memories as you savor estate wines in their birthplace.

Exclusive Access

Members receive access to special reserve and ultra-limited private vintage wines not sold or available anywhere but at the ranch.