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A Deeper Connection with the Source

Dovecote Estate is dedicated to growing and crafting wines that allow the beauty and character of our land to speak through them. Representing the heart of the Alisos Canyon AVA since 1990, our uniquely own-rooted vines and sandy-limestone soils have produced small quantities of intensely concentrated cool-climate Rhône fruit, with the daily marine influence slowing and extending ripening for uncommon complexity and grace.

The same hands that planted our vineyard over 30 years ago still farm it today across three generations and have always called Dovecote their home.

I personally grow and hand-make all wines at the estate with a deep respect and love for their origin, which is also my full-time home.  They are meant as an ode to our family’s gratitude in calling this special place ours.  In their creation, it is my hope that our lives contribute to their meaning, and their meaning contribute to the lives of those we share them with.

I am honored to share my wines with you.

– Noah Rowles, Owner, Farmer, and Winemaker

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