Dark Valkyrie

Estate Petite Sirah

3 vintages available

While it is always the darkest, inkiest, and densest wine we produce, Dovecote Estate Petite Sirah reflects its cool-climate terroir with a breathtakingly feminine grace and elegance in the glass, effortlessly balancing its inner power and intensity with an ethereal seductiveness.  

This is a wine born for special occasions that can also elevate a casual meal into a memorable experience. 

Several decades ago an Italian-American and pioneering Central Coast farmer named Joe Carrari planted Petite Sirah in the Los Alamos Valley to use in his original field blends.  His Petite Sirah responded extraordinarily to the cool-climate area, trading its typical warm-region jammy simplicity for a lush floral bouquet and bewitching complexity that was soon recognized by other local vintners.  In 1990 cuttings were acquired from Joe to be planted as part of the Thompson Vineyard, pushed naked into the soil to grow on their own rootstock.

While the Los Alamos legend Mr. Carrari is no longer with us, we are honored to carry forward the legacy of his eponymous "Carrari Clone" Petite Sirah in both our vines and glasses.

3 vintages available