Greater Than Its Sum


2 vintages available

When a bird of prey captures its quarry, it spreads its wings and surrounds it in preparation for the two entities to become one. This beautiful act is known as “mantling”.

In this same spirit, Dovecote’s Mantle is born out of a unique process of sequential co-fermentation where two elements slowly fuse and become something beyond their individual parts via the alchemy of fermentation.

Roughly 80/20 Grenache/Syrah, Mantle is a burgundianesque cuvée that possesses a distinctly silky mouthfeel, a dark and sultry core, and an exotically perfumed bouquet of fresh rain and crushed flowers.  Its natural notes of wild anise and vanillin can often fool even the most experienced experts into believing new oak is involved, yet elevage is always 100% neutral.

Mantle is widely versatile with a range of cuisines, but just as enjoyable as a glass of happiness after a long day at work.

2 vintages available