We believe wine is a four-dimensional picture of place and time.  Establishing a personal connection with its physical source creates a uniquely expanded sensory experience.  At Dovecote we craft wine as a means of enhancing our relationship with the land from which it originates, and we take pride in sharing this special awareness with others.

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Dovecote Mission Pond

Taste at Mission Pond

Come experience Dovecote’s wines in their birthplace and immerse yourself in their origins and history.  Visit Dovecote’s Mission Pond as our private guest.  Pause, swirl, breathe deeply, and enjoy the gentle coastal air as you sip estate wines that share a common soul.

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Dovecote Redtail wine

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Become part of Dovecote’s group of friends and family who appreciate hand made estate wines that celebrate their sense of place.  Gain private access to our limited production wines as well as exclusive opportunities to visit and enjoy this beautiful 250 acres we call home.

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Dovecote Wine Tasting

Exclusive Tastings

Reserve a visit to our home at Dovecote and taste our estate wines where they are grown.  Linger among the views of oaks and vines, gain access to private gatherings, and sample bottlings reserved only for our members and only available at the ranch.

Dovecote Mission Pond

Unwind at Mission Pond

Enjoy a personal picnic with a bottle of Dovecote wine under a historic 240 year old oak at Dovecote’s Mission Pond.  Assemble memories as you slow down and contemplate the nearby vineyard rows while watching our resident fish jump and hawks soar.

Dovecote Hacienda

Stay A While

Be our personal guest at Dovecote Ranch.  Surround yourself with friends and family while raising a glass to the timeless moments in life.  Come share time and space with us in one of our houses or cottages on the ranch.